KON / NOS ANTONIADIS LTD respects and protects the consumer from any defective products and markets where he was not happy. We strive to present our products in the best possible way through images and descriptions. Returns are accepted only when the following conditions are met and after consultation with our company..

The following terms apply only to online purchases (excluding orders that have a shipment receipt from the store) through our online store based on European Directive  2011/83/ΕΕ. Purchases made through our branch network apply the terms of the returns you will find posted at each store or sales document.

  Return Terms 

  • Their outer and inner packaging should be flawless.
  • The products should be in their original packaging exactly as you received them.
  • The delivery date of the products must not exceed 14 calendar days.
  • The product you are returning will be accompanied by the appropriate invoice and purchase invoice.
  • In all cases, there is a defect in the product or an agreed quality is missing and is not otherwise provided by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Any return should have been previously consulted with our company.
  • In cases where our company undertakes the shipping charge for the return of products, they will only be accepted when they are shipped by ACS courier.

Product Guarantees  

Should the product you purchased from our company stop operating within the time period specified by the manufacturer as a guarantee, you may contact us by email ( for instructions. The product can be shipped to our office at the expense of the consumer or you can deliver it to our office, provided that the product is accompanied by a copy of the purchase document.

Please pay particular attention to the warranty period before purchasing the product because it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but also because of the nature of the products we sell if warranted, products sold by our company and designated as accessories and non-finished appliances are not covered by a warranty unless the manufacturer sets a time limit as a guarantee. 

Return Cost  

  • In cases where you received a defective product:

(within 14 days of purchase):

 You return the product at the expense of our company. The product is controlled by the manufacturer and replaced or repaired. The product is shipped back at the same cost as our company (only by courier courier General Mail). 

  • In cases where the product you received stopped working while under warranty:

 You return the product at a cost that you (the consumer) charges. The product is controlled by the manufacturer. After repair or replacement, it is sent back to you at the expense of our company.

  •  In cases where you have received a product and would like it's return and a refund

(within 14 days of purchase):

You return the product in accordance with the terms of the refund and shipping costs are charged to the customer. All order value is refunded except for additional values ​​that arose at the customer's request. (e.g. Extra Saturday delivery charges) 

  • In cases where you have received a product and wish to have it returned and replaced by another

(within 14 days of purchase):

You return the product in accordance with the terms of the refund and the shipping charge will be charged to the customer for return and shipment.